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    Welcome to visit main page of Qingzheng Foods!

    Company profile

    Company profile

    Qingzheng Foods is located in Weihai city, which was founded in 2008. There are coastlines more than 1000 kilometers with enriched seafood resources. Our company has relied on local abundant ocean resources to exploit & process different kinds of deep-processing products including seaweed, octopus and squid.

    There are four subsidiaries including: Weihai Qingzheng Food Co., Ltd.,Weihai QZ-Bluesea Foods Co., Ltd., Weihai Qingzheng Joint Breeding Co., Ltd. and Rongcheng Qingzheng Aquatic Food Co., Ltd.   Weihai Qingzheng Foods Co., Ltd. mainly processes all kinds of dried and salted seaweed products; Weihai QZ-Bluesea Foods Co., Ltd has the certification of aquatic products export to USA and Korea with seasoning seaweed, octopus and squid and other instant aquatic products as main products; Weihai Qingzheng Joint Breeding Co., Ltd. mainly cultured nori raw materials including porphyra yezoensis, undaria pinnatifida and kelp as supply chain for upstream raw materials. Rongcheng Qingzheng Aquatic Food Co., Ltd. mainly processes nori products. During recent years,Qingzheng Foods has formed a complete enterprise ecological chain for aquaculture, development, processing and sales. Currently, the company has passed HACCP, ISO22000, KOSHER, FDA, CIQ, SC and other domestic & foreign authoritative authentication for aquatic products exported to USA & Korean.

    There are agents for personal “Qingzheng” brand product in American, Thailand and Europe including product distributors in domestic cities including Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.

    This company has taken “Positive Person, Positive Heart and Positive Morality” as corporate culture and offering safety, green and healthy seafood as enterprise mission.

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